Each of our 3 locations serves as a return location as well as shipping it back to us.

All you have to do is give the device to employee working at the location, and we'll handle the rest!

You have 5 business days after your expected return date until you start getting charged for late fees.*

Of course! You are allowed to make the reservation whenever you'd like.* *Some locations require you to book at least 3 days before, please read each location's directions thorougly.

Yes! If something comes up and you need to change the pick-up location, contact us through email or call and we will make changes to your request free of charge!

Yes, however that person will need to provide proof that they are someone that can pick up on your behalf.

Person will need to provide the order number, as well as the email that was sent out to the original customer.

Unless otherwise specified, we will arrange for your hotspot to arrive 2 days before the start of your plan.