How to Get It

Step 1
Application & Payment

The Payments Can Be Made Via Credit Card Or Different Payment Methods.

Step 2
Receive the kit

You Can Receive The WiFi Kit From Our Booth At The Airport Or Our Other Offices Throughout The Country.

Step 3
Use at your travel destination

You can use the kit at the same local area as well as the travel destinations you are moving.

Step 4
Return the kit

After Use You Can Return The Kit To The Same Booth, Via Delivery Or A Different Drop Off Location.

Using Your Hotspot

Battery Indicator

Top 4 (White) Lights Indicate Battery Usage

Powered On Indicator

Bottom Left (Red) Light Indicates Device Is Powered On (If Red Low Battery Level, If Green High Battery Level)

Connecting Indicator

2 Bottom (Red) Lights Indicate Device Is Attempting To Connect

Connected Indicator

2 Bottom (Green) Lights Indicate Device Is Connected And Ready For Use!

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Introducing Skygo WiFi
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